Ri-Industries are one the leading manufactures of precast concrete products in South Australia including the Ri-Treat Wastewater Treatment System, septic tanks, water tanks, and trade waste arrestors. Whether we’re required to create septic tank systems for rural properties looking to be as self-sufficient as possible, or to incorporate replacement septic tank installation our team at Ri-Industries are completely committed to providing a service of the highest possible quality. Manufactured in South Australia, our products are marketed across the state and the Northern Territory.

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618 South Rd, Angle Park SA 5010, Australia

We have been in operation since 1947, and while our processes of creating concrete septic tanks and providing septic tank installation to our valued clients have kept pace with modern technology, our commitment to customer service and true product quality has never wavered.  For homowners we offer wastewater treatment systems, septic tanks, and rainwater tanks of the highest quality with trouble-free maintenance.  For businesses we offer Ri-Cycle, a commercial version of our waste water treatment system, trade waste arrestors, stormwater sumps, grates, frames and covers. We also work regularly with civil engineering and construction companies to provide tailored pre-cast concrete solutions such as retaining wall panels, bridge parapets, pre-cast beams and arch tunnels. If you have a special project needing pre-cast concrete, we can provide the solution.  Our team are also well-versed in the creation and supply of concrete rainwater tanks and Ri-Treat systems, which we have provided to a huge variety of residential and commercial construction projects throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory. As with our septic tank, these products are suitable for many residential and commercial properties, and we are happy to discuss their usage and application with you.