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In 2013 the new AWTA group was formed to represent the interests of the industry and we are ready to begin working for you!  As we build the organisation, we can help to build your own business.  As members of AWTA you will be able to take advantage of a steadily growing suite of benefits.  Become an integral part of the wastewater treatment industry by joining today!  AWTA members must comply with recognised standards for the manufacture of products and agree to abide by a Code of Conduct.


Our website is currently under construction and over the new few weeks we'll be adding content about wastewater treatment, regulations and our members!



The Australian Wastewater Treatment industry needs a strong and cohesive voice in the industry’s landscape.  We want your company to become an integral part of that industry, focussing on the supply of quality product.

If you're interested in becoming a member of AWTA simply click here to download the membership application form.  AWTA members must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.  Click here to read what the means to you!

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What AWTA Can Do For You

Website & Referrals

The first way AWTA will help to increase your company’s exposure to prospective clients is to build a new website that is the most recognised repository of information on the process in the world and it has already begun.   Following our launch, we are already building a fantastic new website where you will have the opportunity to include your company’s details and some information as an included benefit of membership.  Associations have powerful authority when referring members!

State Divisions

We believe the industry in every state of Australia can benefit by working together on state issues and by meeting regularly with each other and specialists within the tertiary and scientific industry.  You can volunteer to be part of a State Division as a member of AWTA and have a real influence on your local industry.

Representation Program

The industry agrees that we need better representation to Government, EPA and Australian Standards to ensure the best interests of our members are served.  With a coming review of AS1546.3, the proposed EPA accreditation of sewerage systems and the entry into the market of new products its vital that your interests are being communicated to Government, including consideration of a formalised servicing regime that is standardised across Australia.


National Test Facility

To support representation the association intends to reassure concerns around accuracy of test results by confirming a national test facility and procedures which can accurately compare & verify results. AWTA members will be given discounted access to the site and resources.

Newsletters & Communications

AWTA will provide regular e-news updates for the industry on what is developing, changes to legislation, equipment and the rest of the supply chain as well as specialist tips and advice.


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